Monthly Archives: February 2019

The Shine You Give

the smile in your face
from one side to another
it shows the sunshine in your heart
and the good thoughts in your mind

It shows that the night is gone
and nowhere near
showing your beauty
Something that is true
and the product of the happiness within

The eyes are the windows to the soul
the smile is the windows to the heart
its intention is to shine life
and radiate beauty
from her to there
and quite simply everywhere you go.

The benefits of smiling are beyond words
the feeling that it causes
are beyond imagination
but lovely


How to Lead

A leader knows he leads even if he leads nothing, as he leads with himself first.


Devil Doors

The doors will always close
smack to it you go
when things are not supposed to be
do not reopen those doors
it is best to leave the devil out
then to force him in
and it is best to walk away before you get dragged in
there is many things that can go wrong
but that door will always close
turn around
and find another
approach with caution
as that door might be from the devils den
a one way ticket to hades


Beach Book Read

Perissa Beach

Santorini, Greece

Touch Me With Your Eyes

I want to feel them on my skin
Having them show me what you think
Having them swing to my way
Making this connection with my heart

Baby, you are the world in my room
You are the universe in my soul
You are the thoughts to my thinking

Girl, you are the everything that I need
Pass your eyes slowly on my surface

I will let you feel with them the pulse to my being
The way you make it move me
How it takes me in too deep
And still gives me the butterflies that I need

That proofs this love I feel from within
Has never been a lie
To you or to me
Touch me with you me eyes


Everything About you

There are many faces
All of which I love
When you are as mad as a lioness
Or when you are bubbly
I love the smiles you make
And your laughs
I love how you flirt with me
And how you hold my hands
Also, the way you that you’re there for me
Your faces in the morning
And your eyes when you are sleepy
There is everything about you that I love
I love all the forms of your beauty
I love you.


Be The Light of Attention

The Rock – Prudential Center
Newark, NJ

Too Fancy to Ride

West Village, NYC

Reaching for Success

Let me see your hands reach up high
Touching the sky above
It doesn’t have to be that far
You just need to reach for the sky above your head
There is no need to reach too far
You need to reach in increments
Every bit you touch is motivation for success
Sooner or later you have reached the stars
And before you know it you are gliding in galaxies with the greatest
You just need to reach up high and grab your sky



Royalty is everything you wish royalty wasn’t
From the people
To the items
It is just those like you and I
Who call themselves the best
But it’s really just the best of nothing
Those that place their thumbs on others
For they leave foul stenches
And are the stenches
Oppressors of the oppressed
Manipulators of the manipulated
Brain washers of the brainless
Users of the useless
Only because this is their preference
The royalty aren’t of a new breed
They are just those with greed
Boastful in their control
Of the inferiors
For not being able to trace a lineage
The distressed and stressed
The ants to the one king or queen
The nobodies that build and run the empire
The ones that without them there would be no royalty.
They everybody that makes the place a place
Those should be the royalty of everything
And anything
That is really nothing and emptiness
For everything and all




When Bad Days Strike

There is going to be a time when you will have a bad day or two. Then there will be a time where you will have multiple bad days together. So many of them that there is no way to see the ending.

We have to try and stay focused. Focused, because after every bad day or moment great ones come afterwards.

In the meantime these bad days can take you down and break you. It is what they do. And while you will sit and cry today from the pressure of a bad day. Just know that there is a gamble that tomorrow will be great.

Hold on tight!