My Eyes Closed

I close my eyes
Shut closed
To where it’s pitched black
But all I see is your face
All I feel is your touch
And your pain
Your sadness and your depression
Oh how I miss you!
How I miss talking to you and sharing those laughs
How I miss those eyes and your touch
The way we bonded
How we were happy
But all I do now is close my eyes
And when I close them I see your face
And I feel your pain
Tears pour out these eyes
And roll down these cheeks
How I miss you!!
How I feel your pain
I have the same pain
How the moment I thought about us parting
I cried
How my heart just crumble and I knew I lost my all
But now my all remains in my head
That when I close my eyes brings pain to my chest
And water running down my cheek to my neck
Because I still love you
And wished you were here
Under my arms
And to feel your lips
And your skin
But this is all in my dreams
Cause I’m still missing you
And only see you when these eyes
Are closed!


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