Nothing is more bothersome and in some cases painful than feeling like your heart is sinking. Like you’re trying to hold it above water from drowning but you’re unable too. And you’re struggling to keep it above water. I appreciate honesty and when I feel there is a deliberate lack of honesty I freeze. I just get this feel of emptiness. I get this feel like everything is slipping. The lack of honesty represent the lack of connection between two people. Before there can be any kind of trust there has to be honesty. Your words must carry some sort of weight that allows another person the ability to trust you. That’s how trust is built. By the levels of honesty that can be shared. Once the honesty starts looking like a foggy day then so does the trust in the relationship of any two people. In a foggy day you can’t expect the sun to shine because the clouds hides it away. With dishonesty it covers over the truth which hides away the ability to trust. In foggy days you question if it will rain and in dishonesty you question if the person is being truthful.


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