Being Good or Being Great

There is a “Being Good” and then there is a “Being Great”. We tend to treat others with “Being Great” to them and do the best that we can to bring happiness to them. They need you to take that 4 hour ride to get that special ice scream and you jump into the car to get it. Or maybe that 3 hour ride to pick them up at 2AM from not having a ride home from somewhere. This is called taking that extra step and going that super extra mile.

However, that ends up changing sooner or later based on the action of others; and then we treat them with “Being Good”. This just means that before you would go out of your way for these people. In order to get you to move now there needs to be a miracle. Something extra ordinary needs to take place, but there is still compassion as this also means you do not hate them. If what you feel is hate towards someone then there needs to be some form of self healing to help you deal with the pain that you are in.

Being great – it is when you are all in for someone and willing to place them ahead of you. Everything and any need that they have you want to help meet.

Being Good – the position that you take after you need to take protection when someone has wronged you.

Sometimes we need to evaluate the many relationships that we have. Does whoever still need that “Being Great” attention or can they just get that backseat “Being Good” attention?

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