Royalty is everything you wish royalty wasn’t
From the people
To the items
It is just those like you and I
Who call themselves the best
But it’s really just the best of nothing
Those that place their thumbs on others
For they leave foul stenches
And are the stenches
Oppressors of the oppressed
Manipulators of the manipulated
Brain washers of the brainless
Users of the useless
Only because this is their preference
The royalty aren’t of a new breed
They are just those with greed
Boastful in their control
Of the inferiors
For not being able to trace a lineage
The distressed and stressed
The ants to the one king or queen
The nobodies that build and run the empire
The ones that without them there would be no royalty.
They everybody that makes the place a place
Those should be the royalty of everything
And anything
That is really nothing and emptiness
For everything and all


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