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No me Escuchaste (You didn’t hear me)

Tu no escuchaste como de alto gritaba
Y me dejaste bajo mi dolor
Ahogado sin poder decir na
No te preocupes de mi
Solo cuando había vida esto era importante
Pero ya lo mejor de mi se fue
Es un poco tarde
Ya me entierre


(English Translation)

You didn’t hear how loud I screamed
And you left me under my pain
Drowning without being able to speak
Don’t worry
It was only while there was still life that this was important
But the best of me already left
It’s a tiny bit late
I’ve buried myself.

I too do Suffer

I too do suffer

While I do it in silence

I too do suffer

It revoked the sleep

I too do suffer

It puts the mind to race away

I too do suffer

Even if today I look good, just remember

I too do suffer.


Defeat it and Conquer

There is no way to push forward on a wall.

But there are ways around it.

There is the ups and the bottoms.

However you do it make sure after making it pass it.

You feel like you have defeated it and conquered.


No Direction

No clear direction

Just my way of doing things

My way of moving from here to there



Don’t lose it

See to it! That with your wisdom you don’t lose your wits; And with your wits you don’t lose your wisdom.


Both in One Day

I’ve lived, and I’ve died. Both in one day.


No Title, just pain

Pain in my heart, bleed out

Just leave now.

I do not need you anymore

You’re causing a torment

ripping me apart

I need to cry

But not a single tear appear

I am losing everything I once was

To the thumping, nerve shaking, shredding pain

It is my heart in an microwave

“We are slowly cooking what was defrosted” – Says the heart

It’s leave of the winter has made it weak

The heat of the summer shall harden it

It is your torment

Not theirs or thems

Pour the blood to the ground

And see! no pain comes out

It has embedded its claws

It’s there until it beats no more


It’s Different Now

I have enough thought and enough stress
I have everything I didn’t want, now
Everything I pictured, was wrong
Everything doesn’t get better
It’s worst
Times is getting to me
Everything is against me
Day by day there’s change
Everything comes out
Everything is visible
The pain is real
The unworthiness is there
The lack of a human being is there
What’s even the point of me?
There seems to be that I have lost
Some or all of it
It’s is just my mind, myself, and I
And one of the three
Is also against me


Paper Weight

There can be weight
Weight to place on things
You know, paper weight
And yet it might have been made for something else
That might not be your use
It’s been repurposed to another task
Not what it is intended for
But you gave it another life
There’s value regardless how low


The Only Place

Can you feel it?
How it rolls down the skin
With it bringing heat
And peace
You stay there and take it
Regardless of how long it takes
As it touches you
It relaxes you
Putting you at ease
This is usually at night
From a crazy day
This is what you long for
The noise it makes
While you’re locked away behind glass
Laying in a mold
It is this place in which you came for
Plenty of heat
And a dispersed mind


Trust Me

Shadows to cover the light to travel
Blind folds on the eyes
Distance and road blocks unseen
I can still navigate better than you
I’m confident I can
Trust me


Under the Stars

Under the stars that can’t be seen
Many worlds think
Looking for solace
Many minds look for peace
From the torment of everyday life.