Let Me Write Away

Let me write away
with the tip of my finger
or the tip of a pen

I just want to write away
I don’t want to be looked at – ADMIRED
or judged

With my finger, a pen, or pencil
I want to write
when writing with my finger
or the ink when using the pen
or the wood when using the pencil

I want no distractions
I don’t want to have to say thank you
or say sorry for what I write

I write from the deepest pit within my mind
The once where all these emotions and thoughts
shredding my inner skull mass
and the control it has over it

there is no apologize for the art
or the chaos within my thoughts
there is no take backs when in blood
or in
whats carved is permanent
even sanding it does not remove the feeling
it is there
it is in me
I know it it well
it is my joy or my deadliest pain
It isn’t of another

it is my finger and its blood
my body and its existence
my thoughts and its reaction
my emotions and its disaster
it is my heart and its love
it is my eyes and its views
and my tongue with its vibrations
my ears and its noise

and all I think
Let me write away.


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