Monthly Archives: July 2019

In your WORLD

I long for your eyes
The beauty that in them they hold
The perfection that I know isn’t real
In those eyes I look for the world I would like to join
The universe in which all of it is you
Where I can surround myself in your thoughts
The only place where who I am isn’t important
But everything you think and do is magical
Surround me with your being
And in the process I forget me and learn all of you

(Ruptes, 2019)

Tell me your story

Tell me

I want to listen to what you have to say
The truth and the lies behind your life
I want to see if I can decipher you
I believe I might know you a bit
I am am almost convinced
That the story that you will tell me is more of a lie
I know this to be true
I may not know more about you
But I know me best
And everyone may lie quite a bit to add to their story
Others want to be super hero’s
And some the baddest villains that lived
But with you, I see what you wished to have been
And you’ve become nothing.

(Ruptes, 2019)

On the Last

On the last place to the last day
There will be nothing to say
Or even see
There will be eyes everywhere
None will see you or your surroundings
There will be no space for light
Everything will be in darkness
Light will be no longer

(Ruptes, 2019)

I am Back

I might be back in
or I might be back to back
but either way I have showed up
Here I am, whether it with my back to it all
I am still here,
I have gone and come
I am back.

[Ruptes, 2019]