Monthly Archives: October 2019

My Feels are in Silence

Allow me the grievance of being weak
and that in a week I will cry
possibly even a few days
I will let out tears for my feels
lets make that a few hours and a night of no sleep
I do know that you mean the best
but the pain of not being able to be the best
is what hurts me
I am not able to withstand that you are not happy
and that behind the facade of a happy life
I do not hear the truth to it
until you have become unhappy and frustrated
Allow me the moment to cry and let these tears out
because like you I feel
But my feels are in silent
and only I see them
and they haunt me
they steal the moments of the day from me
As they steal our moments from you.

Allow Me The Changes

Let me have a change of heart
or even a change of mind
For if I can snap a finger and change my life
I would’ve
For now allow me to go back and forth
With destiny and how I go.

(Ruptes, 2019)

Darkness of the Night

The stars and the heavens
All show their beauty in the night
While blue in the day
And the stars far from site
There will always be beauty in the darkness of the night
And in the darkness you find awe
With some comfort as you gaze
Wondering if in reality those stars exist
Or if possible can you reach
Just one and put it on a Pendant
To obtain the beauty of the night
Like the diamonds and jewels
To add to your beauty
And have you stand out like the brightest star or the night.

(Ruptes, 2019)

A Little Help, Please!

To the ones that got away
Unscathed and meticulous.
How did you do it?

(Ruptes, 2019)

Lied to Me

Destroyed my hopes with a glare.
Lied to me about the light.
Took me for the ride of my life.
Showed me the fun times to live for.
Then you held me hostage with your real light.
Blinding my eyes from reality.
Feeding me everything that was right.
Destroying my soul with your love.
As I walk away, you have still kept my heart.
I am not able to get away
Though I live today
I have no hear to move forward with
The moment you vanished from me
Leaving me walking away
I lost the ability to see
Any light in front of me.

(Ruptes, 2019)

Day Dreamed

I’ve never managed to wake from my dreams.
I have day dreamed my life.

(Ruptes, 2019)

You Learn Afterwards

There are many moments in which the world shows you many things.
Within the many things is how bad of a person you are.
Or even how good of a person you can be.
However, it never shows you where you are making a mistake.
Just when it is too late.
Because there is for sure one thing in this life.
That every decision has to be taken and made cautiously.
Because in the long run it can be trouble.
But one thing is for sure.
This life will never tell you when you are right or wrong.
The moment you are making your decisions.
Choose what makes you feel good with you.

(Ruptes, 2019)