Monthly Archives: January 2020

Really Nothing

Was into everything, that was in fact really nothing.

A lot of Nothing

There has not been anything here.

Worth talking or mentioning.

It’s always been like the open sea.

Vast amount of space, things, and movement.

Just nothing quite as important.

[01/2020 Ruptes]

With Pen and Paper

Writing well before the storm

Bringing in all the rain and the wind

The snow and the hail

With the pen and the paper

The emotions on the table

The disturbance of the soul

Causing ruckus and disturbance of the mind

[01/2020 Ruptes]


There is much to do in this time
There was much to do yesterday
There will be nothing to do tomorrow
Tomorrow has yet to come

[Ruptes 01/2020]

Write it Away

Write away your happiness
and all of your sorrows.
Put it on a sheet of paper and let it be known
that there is joy and there is pain
the two commingling
working together to make life the best and the worst at once

Changing completely the way the world is suppose to look like
Write it all away and place it on the fire
once it is written and burnt there is no more memories
It will all become ashes in the air
moved by the wind

[Ruptes 01/2020]