Thought Sharing #1

It is always the people that you do not care for that want to be there. However, their intentions are not what they seem. Remember to always keep yourself to yourself. Your issues on someone else with yourself between you and them. There is no space for outside sources to intervene on what isn’t their situation.

I am a believer that professional service or not you should always question if the information you are going to share is okay to share. I do not like, and I do not think that I should share my many thoughts, issues, and situations with everyone. We are in a society, and even a time where divulging your personal believe and thoughts has become a weapon against people who do not think like you. This is not, because you intend it to be that way, but because people are taking it that way.

People do not know how to accept another persons difference. This does not mean that you must intermingle with them in your personal circle of friends. Simply that you accept their point of view as being different whether you agree or not.

I like to think of myself as a skeptic to everyone’s TRUE intentions. I do not believe that someone can be completely selfless and just want to be your friend – just because. There is something there that they want. Also, I believe in having the most minimal amounts of friends as possible. I like my distance from people and I like to tell people nothing.

My poetry is a small branch of some emotions that I traverse. They speak of current emotions or they can speak about older emotions. However, they do not connect situations. You are not able to just read it and know exactly what issues I was having that day. Though you can definitely feel the emotions they are transferring. My poetry are also not of professionalism. It’s a way of me connecting my pains into words in ways that can create a riddle and a symphony where my agony flies away with every scratch of the paper and every type of a letter.

I do not know the point of writing this. Figured I would.

Remember to make you a better you than the day before. When you lack to do so, remember that someone else isn’t even trying to be better. That will make you feel good 😉

– Ruptes

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