Monthly Archives: March 2020



New York Nights

Solemnly Peaceful

Moving solemnly quiet

Trying not to disturb the peace

Trying not to create some ruffles

For there is beauty in this calmness

The layer of relaxation is awe

It’s complete beauty

It’s a door to ease away all anomaly

Moving slowly causes self focus

Welcome to a bath

Dancing Souls

Dancing souls.

Together they make circles around each other

They feed their energy to one another

They mesmerize each other

Their touch, causes reactions

Those of happiness attraction

Their dance – smooth

Their emotions rising

Two dancing souls, on a night

A dance of life – shared.


A clouded mind makes for clouded eyes.

Buckets and Buckets

And buckets, and buckets, and buckets

Countless like the sand.

Hundreds of millions, of thousand, of trillions

Piled closely together – countless.

Of emotions on the sidewalk of my heart .

Bad Times

the very moment the world turns on you
What is there for you to look at?
or possibly look forward to.

There needs to be a bit more
possibly, of nothing, to pass encouragement
there I can find a meaning.

Potent Love

Love has conquered the air like the lacquer on freshly varnished wood.

A smell so potent that it’s reality is made clear. Invisibly taking over all the space and it’s way of living.

There is no way that love can drown you, really. However, it can be so that it may suffocate you.

I need love to be something. I need it to be potent. For the love that lacks itself becomes the weakness to the itself.

Love that stands strong announces its presence. Like the candles that release it’s magic. While the source is not seen. We know that it is somewhere.

That is the love that shouts in potency. That without it there is also nothing to see. The same as when it was, for to see it, you must first breath it in.

Suffocating in all that it gives.

The Face of Love



The screech on the walls
The rustic noise of the voice
The sound of some screeching brakes.

Stop screaming to the air
For there is no one there
That needs to listen to any of the all that you will say

Screaming does not
Reach out amicably.
Just bullshit wave lengths.