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Quote #4

Being guided is the way that you show trust and hope, when you can choose to not believe. Give yourself to be guided.



A blank notebook is nothing to you 
But when filled in with your words

Does it become an extension of your mind?

Perhaps a tangible mind in the form of a limb
Which happens to be a notebook.

- Ruptes


Adorn by beauty 
And maybe lush
A bit chaotic
Filled with love.

Amongst the wild acts
There’s some care
A form of caring.

At all cost
And for everything
You are their everything.

- Ruptes

Quote #3

The mind, the most important space of your body with the smallest real estate.


Black and White

Follow me,
I may take you to my world,
Where’s there’s no colors,
Just black and white.

- Ruptes


the start of the day, 
grinning with much to say, 
Waiting to break your ways, 
Slowly to take your days, 
Quickly to change your ways, 
Easily it breaks enthusiasms.
The start of your days, 
Are a dice in a bag, 
what number it lands, 
a toss of a salad,
You're waking to start your day,
What it holds, is what all say. 

- Ruptes  

Summer Skies

Crystal clear,
With a glare that outshines, 
Seeing the blue above the ocean,
Can it also be an ocean? 

Give the feel of happiness, 
The white that floats in the sky, 
Cotton, pillows, marshmallows?

What is perceived,
When indoors all beauty can be seen,

When outdoors,
You see, 
It's no summer skies.
It quickly moves to freeze.

- Ruptes 

Roller Coaster

Like a roller coaster you go. 
Up or down in emotions.
And never steady for too long.
Like a roller coaster.
You run through your emotions to quick.
Without settling on one.
Passing by you like a blurr.

- Ruptes


Color my soul black 
To show for all the pain
Confusion, and mess

There is no colors to show
For life has stolen happiness

It’s black like a ditch
And when you reach in
There’s only decomposed matter

Do you not smell that color?
The smell of rot taking control

Only this I know
How black is my color
And makes my shadow
But also speaks volume Of my being.

- Ruptes

Violent Departure

Thunder to my soul 
And lightning to my heart
Are the words of your goodbye
The tears from my eyes
Makes the rains from my sky
And floods
Washing away violently
The memories that within me
Once was
With violent winds
Cleaning away everything.

- Ruptes

She’s The One

The scent of you. 

Is the essence of my soul.

The you, that I need.

In dire need of your aroma.

Without you close by, I die.

An agonizing death.

- Ruptes

Just a Letter #1

Hello Everyone,

Hope that you have all been enjoying my mix of words – can it be called poetry? Not sure, but I just throw some words together that helps express my thoughts, emotions, or just a point of view at the moment.

I like to free write and just express and let out what is difficult for me to speak out or say. When I say free write I do not mean like paragraphs and paragraphs. I just write out little verses and poetry here and there. What my mind has mashed up into words.

It is no easy doing this where I place it for the internet. Sometimes I struggle to put my writings up here. I write in my journal and notebooks, but then it am too lazy to place them here for you all to read. I find it easiest to write when in moments of hardship, issues with my emotions, and rarely on happiness. I would not quite hold your breath for a happy poem to be written by me. It can happen, but it rarely happens.

Thank you all for reading and liking. Please feel free to leave comments. I will reply. Maybe, it will be nice to see what others think about what I write and if they can relate.

Anyhow, just a random letter to everyone that reads my blog!

Thanks you all,