Just a Letter #1

Hello Everyone,

Hope that you have all been enjoying my mix of words – can it be called poetry? Not sure, but I just throw some words together that helps express my thoughts, emotions, or just a point of view at the moment.

I like to free write and just express and let out what is difficult for me to speak out or say. When I say free write I do not mean like paragraphs and paragraphs. I just write out little verses and poetry here and there. What my mind has mashed up into words.

It is no easy doing this where I place it for the internet. Sometimes I struggle to put my writings up here. I write in my journal and notebooks, but then it am too lazy to place them here for you all to read. I find it easiest to write when in moments of hardship, issues with my emotions, and rarely on happiness. I would not quite hold your breath for a happy poem to be written by me. It can happen, but it rarely happens.

Thank you all for reading and liking. Please feel free to leave comments. I will reply. Maybe, it will be nice to see what others think about what I write and if they can relate.

Anyhow, just a random letter to everyone that reads my blog!

Thanks you all,


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