Happiness There

Happiness There
I am not sure that I know what it is that my mind wants. 

There are moments in which I want to cry. So much so that my mind pounds so hard I feel it as physical pain. 

I want to cry into dehydration and not have a drop of water to help quench the thirst that the body calls for. 

There are days in which I wake with such happiness. 

Though, I am like the flowers in those days. Where the bloom is beautiful and amazing, but it ends shortly thereafter. 

There is nothing in life to be used as a reference to happiness, because everything is mildly lived. 

Flowers live as long as mere seconds if you ask me, they reach their peak and wither out to the wind and become something of the past. 

Happiness is the utter lie of life. It's so temporary that we fantasize on making it a lifelong emotion. 

Here to break your heart and tell you that happiness is a lie. Created by humanity to entice and lock you in doing their deeds. 

Live with joy amongst your hurt and pain, because happiness will be salt to your wound, as it will never suffice.

- Ruptes

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