In The Shade

In The Shade

They’re in the shade.

Over at the little corner of the massive space.

That’s where I placed them all.

Away from the center of attention.

Away from the prying eyes that dig into them.

A better mind, it is when it’s out of sight.

There, that space is the very edge of my mind.

Keeping it in the light has become a crime.

Torturous tumultuous moments

Leading to a slow death.

Having your thoughts and emotions in the limelight.

It’s a crime.

- Ruptes

2 responses to “In The Shade”

  1. It’s the unfortunate experiences that we have. When some form of upbringing and trauma in our youth changes the way we view everything. Many years can go by and there will still be that initial point of view before we shake it off to what it may be or actually is, but we never forget it.

    Thanks a lot for reading my poetry ❤


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