Indiscriminate Actions of Life

Indiscriminate Actions of Life
The unfairness of life. 

Never ceases to amaze.

How the good lay victims to its wrath.

Their acts of kindness ignored.

Doing for everyone.

All that others looked over.

The unfairness of life.

Taking away those that should stay.

Ripping apart and leaving pain.

Never ceases to amaze.

How it leaves all the evil.

Enjoying all its days.

The good lost eternally.

Leaving behind scores of pain.

- Ruptes

This poem is written with much pain today. The last two weekends I have been spending with a dear friend. She's been diagnosed with metastasized cancer in various places of her body. She will be going through a procedure on Tuesday and kicking off with aggressive chemotherapy.

It pains me because she is one who placed everything and everyone first. Tried her best to live a selfless and morally correct life. In acceptance to the difference of others while keeping her believes. Please keep her in your prayers that the Lord of heaven, and the healer of excellency can continue to provide strength and comfort to her and her family.

She is a mother of three kids. Two of which are under 8 and don't quite understand the situation. All prayer and positive vibes are appreciated.

My wife also lost a friend close to the end of last year to this indiscriminate disease. These acts of life to those undeserving of it makes you pain and question this world in which we live on. Seems like way too often we see those of actively loving hearts receive such circumstances. 💔

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