Long Format Release

Long Format Release
This pandemic has ruined my mind. It has taken a toll on how I think. It has finished breaking me when I thought I was already broken and there was no more breaking. Furthermore, it has slowly moved itself into paranoia about anything related to being sick. I question and even make in my mind my own symptoms.

In my mind, I am constantly battling anything. Some words are triggers for my mental health, and I can't help but fall into the dark hole of my thoughts. I am slowly trying to phase out the thoughts and gaining control of my mind - it's a slow process. 

Then I have friends being diagnosed with terminal illnesses and others that I knew passing away from them. It has been a difficult battle to deal with for the last two years of this pandemic. When everything seem that life will become a bit normal, we have this atrocious war going on in Ukraine started by a dictator bent on wielding power. I am obsessed with it, and have never been on social media more than I am now.  

My mind doesn't turn off. It is constantly going without my control, then I have to try and gain control. Part of it is that I've also had a few health scares during the beginning of the pandemic that caused me to get many tests and even an operation. 

I want to escape my mind and my thoughts. I want to get out of this inferno that is my mind, and to do so, I write poetry. It is my way out, and it's my saving grace. Maybe, just maybe, I will give this a try and try and do some long format writing. 

Stay strong, everyone, and collectively know that you can make it out of any situation in which you find yourself. 

Prayers and condolences goes to all in Ukraine, and hopefully they are able to push away the invaders. #iStandWithUkraine

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