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I’m somewhat of a person. I’m not quite an author or a photographer. I’m not someone that writes in a perfectionist format. I write to express the compression of emotions. I write to let out frustration, anger, and sadness. I write to be able to deal with the many moments that I am not able to shake off.

As for my photography, I just like the process of pictures. They may not be great, but they are about me. Although the pictures are not of me, they are about me completely. About the moments of my mind halting to take a moment to make still. It is my mind pausing the video of life to take a snippet to make eternal. Something that will bring it back to replay along with the emotions, smells, and tastes.

Please enjoy what I post in this place. It is nothing, but raw Ruptes.

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Instagram - @ruptes
Twitter- @ruptes
Twitch - @ruptes
Email - ruptes@icloud.com

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