Just a Letter #1

Hello Everyone,

Hope that you have all been enjoying my mix of words – can it be called poetry? Not sure, but I just throw some words together that helps express my thoughts, emotions, or just a point of view at the moment.

I like to free write and just express and let out what is difficult for me to speak out or say. When I say free write I do not mean like paragraphs and paragraphs. I just write out little verses and poetry here and there. What my mind has mashed up into words.

It is no easy doing this where I place it for the internet. Sometimes I struggle to put my writings up here. I write in my journal and notebooks, but then it am too lazy to place them here for you all to read. I find it easiest to write when in moments of hardship, issues with my emotions, and rarely on happiness. I would not quite hold your breath for a happy poem to be written by me. It can happen, but it rarely happens.

Thank you all for reading and liking. Please feel free to leave comments. I will reply. Maybe, it will be nice to see what others think about what I write and if they can relate.

Anyhow, just a random letter to everyone that reads my blog!

Thanks you all,


Light Less Life

Display the perfection of your beauty.

Hiding the flaws and the issues that it brings.

For the masquerade is a ball,
and life it's dance floor.

The beauty that you have,
is the tool for seduction.

Past it - there is nothing to take in.

Just dark roads,
and light less life.

- Ruptes

Published on Lucy’s Work on 08/11/20

Walk of Shame

Perilous the walk of the feet 
With no eyes and ears
Where can it go and how can it hear?

Terrible that it depends
Saddening that it depends

For if it had eyes and ears
Would it like the path you’re taking?
The pain it’s sustaining?

It would’ve fought to break away.
From the sadist that controls it.

- Ruptes

Tall Beauty

Tall and so smooth,
Undying beauty to be seen,
Wanted by many.

Seen from afar,
The sun shine enhances its splendor,
Gorgeous view for the soul.

Deadly as the gun.
Evil as a disease.
These tall things.
Kills the innocent.

Destroying the beauty that doesn’t see it.

There is no beauty worth,
The killing of birds.

Fly path knows no Windows.

- Ruptes


Side step the world baby, 
Just move to the side.
See those things coming?
They’re emotions.
They would’ve hit you.

- Ruptes

Quote #2

There are many things that the mind focuses on, then there is everything else you wish it focused on.

– Ruptes

The Illusion

Figure out all you know. 
Do you know much about yourself? 
Or maybe nothing at all. 
Like a white wall. 
Seems to be straight forward. 
But it takes in the light. 
Letting out a glare of it. 
What you see is not the reality. 
It is the illusion of it. 

- Ruptes

A lot to No Where

Can this chaos be controlled? The one where my mind wonders and wonders and to no where it leads.



How can I live out of my mind? When all it does is accost me.


Quote #1

There comes the time when is enough, actually enough. 

- Ruptes


Freedom from your thoughts, is the real freedom you need. If you’re a slave to your mind what difference is the freedom granted to you? 

- Ruptes

On Point

Determined to live my life on the side that counts the most - with Him.