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Lack of Passion

Hello everyone,

I have not written in a while. Though I always write on my Moleskin Notebook. I have not been as active here online. I have not been transferring my works to the site. I just have not been doing it for no particular reason. It might be that I need to be disciplined and take a certain time of the day to do this. I always say I will do that and then – I don’t.

It might be the lack of passion to do this here. I have always hidden my poems from anyone up until maybe a few years ago. When I opened this site. For the longest time I also did not want it connected to me in real life. I wanted it to just be a page on the web where people can read and enjoy or hate my works.

My wife is the one that got me into sharing this. I first allowed her to read my works. I have written a few poems for girlfriends before. Until one day I was told that I was too emotional for writing poems. Not a bad compliment if it wasn’t that the person meant it as one! It’s laughable now, but it wasn’t then when you are trying to show affection, love, and your emotions for someone.

Well, I just wanted to let you all know that I will be trying my very best to put my poems up on a constant basis. I would appreciate if you comment your opinion or thoughts under them…

Anyhow, I hope everyone is staying safe and is able to try to have a Happe New Year’s. It has definitely been a hard year and maybe “Happy” is a hard word to swallow.



Just a Letter #1

Hello Everyone,

Hope that you have all been enjoying my mix of words – can it be called poetry? Not sure, but I just throw some words together that helps express my thoughts, emotions, or just a point of view at the moment.

I like to free write and just express and let out what is difficult for me to speak out or say. When I say free write I do not mean like paragraphs and paragraphs. I just write out little verses and poetry here and there. What my mind has mashed up into words.

It is no easy doing this where I place it for the internet. Sometimes I struggle to put my writings up here. I write in my journal and notebooks, but then it am too lazy to place them here for you all to read. I find it easiest to write when in moments of hardship, issues with my emotions, and rarely on happiness. I would not quite hold your breath for a happy poem to be written by me. It can happen, but it rarely happens.

Thank you all for reading and liking. Please feel free to leave comments. I will reply. Maybe, it will be nice to see what others think about what I write and if they can relate.

Anyhow, just a random letter to everyone that reads my blog!

Thanks you all,