King of His Throne


Mourn Yourself

Cry all the rivers that flow within you.
Let it all out.
Fill the dried river with all your tears.

Urban Living 2017

These were a few flicks I took of some graffiti artist and the graffiti in this neighborhood. The colors were very vibrant. The film sure did a great job in capturing that. I do not remember which kind of film I used. Enjoy!

Everyone Thinks I am Crazy

Running across the room
for the fear of being trapped in
is very much so, the difference from when a child
for the walls are moving in quickly
even after it started slowly
the windows are closed shut
and covered in black
the doorway narrows
everything becomes more eerie
and nothing ever looks the same
the room from brightly lit
to the darkest pit you’ll ever encounter
dashing for you life
to avoid being crushed by the walls
this is daily living in my mind
for everyone thinks i am crazy
but my mind is the only one that believes me
for it lives the abuse with me

When The Music Stops

The moment when the music gets you in your feels.
Something like that air that you breath.
It becomes the existence of your being.
Blocking every receptor of pain.
Providing an uplifting feel.
A happiness that can only be felt through the song.
Something to close you out of the reality.
The pain that lurks while the music plays.
And can be felt when the music stops.

Is It So?

Is it so?

That there maybe so much to in someone you know?
So much so that you still do not know?

Can it be?
That maybe you did not know them at all?

Is it so?

That they build around you?
And you will never know?


Discovery of the things that makes everything unique.
The you, the he, the she.
The things that changes you.
Fish, and cat, and dog.
The discovery of everything that makes you – you.
Takes the lifetime of a; lifetime.
And at the end defeated you are to know,
That you will leave and still not know.
What makes you, well… you.

The Same, But Different

Sometimes the rain falls slowly

And other times it has speed to it

And other times it has weight

The rain is the indication of the same thing

In different ways

It looks the same

Smells the same

But it traverses different when it falls

Like the tears coming down you face

Those tears flow differently depending on the pain.

Every Morning

The goodness of your name,
The softness of your speech.
Every morning in your arms,
Like blankets to keep me warm.
The looks of the you in your sleep,
There is so much to admire.
The smoothness of your skin,
Sweetness, you, to look at you – privileged.
like a king in his kingdom.
Beauty so big as the landscape of the world,
Details of beauty everywhere.
In your arms there is the peace I seek.


For many reasons.
There is a ton of darkness in a small area of shade.
We can see the light around it.
It is so vast.
But have you ever tried to figure out how dense is that shade?
There is many pain, many tears, and many a hurt waiting for someone in that shade.
We all have a shade in our lives.

I Am In Need

Closing my eyes to get closer to you.
Trying to connect my soul with you.
I am trying to put aside what I think.
Trying to close the distance that there is.
With my spirit I reach out.
Hoping that you are waiting for me with open arms.
Waiting to accept my hug.
I am in need of a shoulder to cry on.
I am in need to a way to step away.
Closing my eyes to get closer to you.
Are you there waiting for me?


Some things are forever always going to be a dead end regardless of anything that is being said to a different outcome.