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Light Less Life

Display the perfection of your beauty.

Hiding the flaws and the issues that it brings.

For the masquerade is a ball,
and life it's dance floor.

The beauty that you have,
is the tool for seduction.

Past it - there is nothing to take in.

Just dark roads,
and light less life.

- Ruptes

Published on Lucy’s Work on 08/11/20

Tall Beauty

Tall and so smooth,
Undying beauty to be seen,
Wanted by many.

Seen from afar,
The sun shine enhances its splendor,
Gorgeous view for the soul.

Deadly as the gun.
Evil as a disease.
These tall things.
Kills the innocent.

Destroying the beauty that doesn’t see it.

There is no beauty worth,
The killing of birds.

Fly path knows no Windows.

- Ruptes