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Shedding The Tears

To the days that rain,
I thank you for shedding the tears.
Because it shows me that crying is ok.
Natures cries some days.
It helps other places.
Not just the negative.
Crying is reviving.
It’s the beginning of a new beginning.
A New more invigorating start.
Coming down from above
And moving out from within.

- Ruptes

On Point

Determined to live my life on the side that counts the most - with Him. 

Never Felt

I’ve never feared missing something.

Or someone so much until.

I felt that I lost them.

Impossible To Know

There is no way that any one can know 
If I cry - is it always sadness?
Inpossible to know.
I say. I am always happy.
These tears scream JOY, even if it comes out in pain.


There is - No way!
This is destined to be this way.
To look at it differently is to lose reality.
For this is what’s already here.
And thinking of what it was or could be.
Is a thought on the mind of a person with fear.
Take it for the solidness that it holds.
For your thoughts are hallow wishing to be known.
And only you will feed it your time.
Who knows them, but you.
This is what it’s supposed to be.
Deal with this first and never what you wanted it to be.
Nothing stands still and ever so slightly everything moves.

Yellow Light

The sun so bright.
Yet the darkness is so deep.
There is no shine.
Everything is a dark pit.
Drowning out all light.
Even though the sun is so bright.
A yellow dot in a dark sky.
There is really no light.
The darkness outshines the light.

You Fool

To the me that still worries,
Die already!
There is no need for the pressure,
Or the self inflicted pain.
The only person feeling it is you –
You fool.

– Ruptes

Published at The Poetry Bar on 05/25/2020


Mourn Yourself

Cry all the rivers that flow within you.
Let it all out.
Fill the dried river with all your tears.

Every Morning

The goodness of your name,
The softness of your speech.
Every morning in your arms,
Like blankets to keep me warm.
The looks of the you in your sleep,
There is so much to admire.
The smoothness of your skin,
Sweetness, you, to look at you – privileged.
like a king in his kingdom.
Beauty so big as the landscape of the world,
Details of beauty everywhere.
In your arms there is the peace I seek.

The Numbers

The noise, that can be heard.

When silence is around you.

It may just be some lines.

It may just be of any color.

And it definitely may be smaller than you in size.

Those are all for sure.

But what it represents.

The pain.

The loneliness.

The fear.

The real reality.

Those lines, in silence scream louder than the loudest noise.

Those lines, those numbers, are really real.

The battle field can be heard when you listen.

Buckets and Buckets

And buckets, and buckets, and buckets

Countless like the sand.

Hundreds of millions, of thousand, of trillions

Piled closely together – countless.

Of emotions on the sidewalk of my heart .