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Oldies to Read

  • My Eyes Closed
    A poem I wrote back in 2013 after some tough times. I have found it saved on my iCloud and figured it will make it my first post.
  • From the Outside
    Mykonos, Greece
  • Child’s Play
    Liberty Science Center Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Drowing in an Ocean
    This is a poem based on a difficult time in my life in early 2018. I can’t quite remember what the issue was, but it got me to write this poem. It means I was impacted.
  • Dishonesty
    Nothing is more bothersome and in some cases painful than feeling like … Continue reading Dishonesty

King of His Throne


Urban Living 2017

These were a few flicks I took of some graffiti artist and the graffiti in this neighborhood. The colors were very vibrant. The film sure did a great job in capturing that. I do not remember which kind of film I used. Enjoy!


I was trying to upload a collection of photos from before the lock down.

That will not happen anytime soon. WP does not allow the upload of TIF extension photos. So I am not able to get any up yet.

These are from film negatives and I scan them into TIF format for the best possible pick up in details and WP will not let me upload them.

More photos will be coming soon, I promise!



New York Nights


A clouded mind makes for clouded eyes.

The Face of Love


Light 💡