Tall Beauty

Tall and so smooth,
Undying beauty to be seen,
Wanted by many.

Seen from afar,
The sun shine enhances its splendor,
Gorgeous view for the soul.

Deadly as the gun.
Evil as a disease.
These tall things.
Kills the innocent.

Destroying the beauty that doesn’t see it.

There is no beauty worth,
The killing of birds.

Fly path knows no Windows.

- Ruptes


Side step the world baby, 
Just move to the side.
See those things coming?
They’re emotions.
They would’ve hit you.

- Ruptes

Quote #2

There are many things that the mind focuses on, then there is everything else you wish it focused on.

– Ruptes

The Illusion

Figure out all you know. 
Do you know much about yourself? 
Or maybe nothing at all. 
Like a white wall. 
Seems to be straight forward. 
But it takes in the light. 
Letting out a glare of it. 
What you see is not the reality. 
It is the illusion of it. 

- Ruptes

A lot to No Where

Can this chaos be controlled? The one where my mind wonders and wonders and to no where it leads.



How can I live out of my mind? When all it does is accost me.


Quote #1

There comes the time when is enough, actually enough. 

- Ruptes


Freedom from your thoughts, is the real freedom you need. If you’re a slave to your mind what difference is the freedom granted to you? 

- Ruptes

On Point

Determined to live my life on the side that counts the most - with Him. 

Never Felt

I’ve never feared missing something.

Or someone so much until.

I felt that I lost them.


There in the clouds and in the sky you can see that,
Everything here is finite.

The clouds move and never stay stagnant,
They must go.

The sky brightens at the start of the day,
Then it darkens at the end of the day.

Everything is finite,
From the most mundane to the most important.

Toast To My Mind

Toasting to the mind that I have, 
It only knows how to cause me panic,
Anxiety, and pain.
Toasting to the death you are giving me,
Not the great job you do.