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There Is No Way

There is no way to know the truth.
The pain and the rain of tears coming down.

There is no way to figure out why.
The flash flood of tears.

There is no way you will ever know.
The the pain in me has to do because of you.

I only look one way.
In hopes that He will help me through.
Through, the sorrows, misunderstandings, tears, pains.

- Ruptes

Violent Departure

Thunder to my soul 
And lightning to my heart
Are the words of your goodbye
The tears from my eyes
Makes the rains from my sky
And floods
Washing away violently
The memories that within me
Once was
With violent winds
Cleaning away everything.

- Ruptes

The Same, But Different

Sometimes the rain falls slowly

And other times it has speed to it

And other times it has weight

The rain is the indication of the same thing

In different ways

It looks the same

Smells the same

But it traverses different when it falls

Like the tears coming down you face

Those tears flow differently depending on the pain.

The Water Drops

Dashing through

The water drops

Running fast before they land

Ruthlessly upon my clothes, hair, and face

Trying to make it out alive

Without a bit of scars

Or the wounds of where it lands

Like fighting jets and bombers

These little drops are missiles in disguised

If and when they start to fall

I panic enough to almost die

Enough to know that – coverage is essential – a bunker

home – leaving is second to everything

My clothes, skin, hair does not tolerate these missiles coming from the sky.

[Ruptes, 02/2020]