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There Is No Way

There is no way to know the truth.
The pain and the rain of tears coming down.

There is no way to figure out why.
The flash flood of tears.

There is no way you will ever know.
The the pain in me has to do because of you.

I only look one way.
In hopes that He will help me through.
Through, the sorrows, misunderstandings, tears, pains.

- Ruptes


I need to know.

What it feels like?

What it is that I feel like?

What it is that you make me feel like?

What it is that the situations make me feel like?

What drowning feels like?

Wanting to scream and water fills your lungs.

Wanting to cry but the water washes the tears away.

Wanting to express something in anyway.

But the water, and the drowning only allows for panics.

It doesn’t express any other emotions.

Drowning is the equivalent of my anxiety.

For I will drown and die first before I can express where my mind and emotions are.

And you will only see my panic.


The Water Drops

Dashing through

The water drops

Running fast before they land

Ruthlessly upon my clothes, hair, and face

Trying to make it out alive

Without a bit of scars

Or the wounds of where it lands

Like fighting jets and bombers

These little drops are missiles in disguised

If and when they start to fall

I panic enough to almost die

Enough to know that – coverage is essential – a bunker

home – leaving is second to everything

My clothes, skin, hair does not tolerate these missiles coming from the sky.

[Ruptes, 02/2020]