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The Numbers

The noise, that can be heard.

When silence is around you.

It may just be some lines.

It may just be of any color.

And it definitely may be smaller than you in size.

Those are all for sure.

But what it represents.

The pain.

The loneliness.

The fear.

The real reality.

Those lines, in silence scream louder than the loudest noise.

Those lines, those numbers, are really real.

The battle field can be heard when you listen.

Overreacting Thoughts

There should be a way.
Though I do not see how.
I am not able to see past all of this.
Past the current fate.
Past the future scenarios of the worst fates.
There is no positivity.
My mind wraps around all the bad.
As of yet I have no good news.
There is no return to normalcy.
Not for me.
Not in my mind.

A Flower 🌸

Show me where your world is

I need to make it there.

And lay a flower in it

Having the essence of my presence spread

Far and deep in it.